Workshop 1: Ecology and Sustainability

(all language levels)

In this workshop you will get acquainted with and discuss different key topics in the field of ecology and sustainability, focussing on examples from Greifswald and the surrounding region. The participants will talk about and learn how to calculate their own carbon footprint, meet climate protection and sustainability activists, take a look at the landscape development and ecosystems around Greifswald and get to know different research projects on sustainability at the University of Greifswald.


Workshop 2: Body and Voice Training, Using Language in Intercultural Contexts

(all language levels)

Talking in a foreign language requires a high level of concentration. In our native language, articulation, intonation, grammar or even breathing function subconsciously. It is much harder in a foreign language. This is when language is run almost entirely by the brain - and where problems begin.

However, language is a lot more than just words. We communicate all the time: with our body! Our body is a friend, a helper and also an interpreter. This workshop will make us aware of this. We use theatre practices and role play to get to know more about our body language and put it to use more effectively. Previous drama experience is not necessary at all.

The participants should bring stretchy clothing (jeans are not suitable) and a pair of non-slip socks or light trainers with them. And a good mood. And a bottle of water.


Workshop 3: German society in transition

(level B1 and higher)