Set Sail and Discover the World!

Set Sail and Discover the World!

Living in a foreign country and getting to know other (academic) cultures is one of the most exciting and shaping opportunities you can experience.

A period of stay abroad furthers your subject, language and personal skills and will add to your independence and versatility. Once there, you get to know new people and represent the University of Greifswald. These are all skills that will also be appreciated by future employers.

Leave yourself enough time and attend one of the initial consultations which take place regularly in the International Office, subject-specific information events, country-themed evenings and above all the International Day to individually plan and prepare your stay abroad.

Students and PhD Candidates

Would you like to study abroad for a short period or for up to two semesters?

Would you like to do an internship?

Within Europe, the Erasmus+ Programme is the best option.

The University of Greifswald has signed agreements with universities all over the world.

Within Europe, these can be funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Are you looking for an international internship? Gain more information on funding opportunities.

Use internet forums to find an internship or apply direct to your desired company/institution.


Would you like to go abroad to research or teach? You can find further information on planning and funding your intentions here.


Opportunities for non-academic staff. You can find further information on doing a career-related period of stay abroad here.

Initial Consultation for Periods of Stay Abroad

Please visit our information events! Attendance is a prerequisite for more detailed consultations. The next consultation is on the 12/07/2016 in Room 12, Slavonic Studies Department (Domstraße 9/10).

No Money, No Fun? - Not true!

These funding opportunities will help you discover the world.

Don’t understand a word? Language Courses!

The DAAD’s language database will help you find what you are looking for. Funding is possible through the PROMOS-programme.

DAAD Sprachkursdatenbank [de]

You can also improve your langaguge skills at the Foreign Languages & Media Centre in Greidswald.