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No Money, No Fun? - Not true!

There are numerous funding sources to help you discover the world. Don’t let a current lack of funds stop you from studying abroad. Begin early and look into all the various funding options available. Whatever your situation, there is nearly always a solution for you amongst the broad range of funding sources on offer.


Auslands-BAföG [de]

Auslands-BAföG (state funding for students going abroad) is always the first option for financing a period of stay abroad. Even if you are not entitled to Inlands-BAföG (state funding for students studying in Germany), you should still apply for Auslands-BAföG as the income threshold is higher. It is also possible to combine it with other scholarship programmes. The funding is provided either for a period of study abroad (6 to 12 months or full degree course) or for an internship taking place abroad (at least 12 weeks). It covers study fees of up to 4,600 EUR as well as travel expenses, if applicable additional costs for health insurance and a supplement for being abroad depending on the country (up to 255 EUR/month). Submit your application for Auslands-BAföG to the Studierendenwerk (Student Services Office) that is responsible for the respective destination country at least half a year before you plan to take up studies.

Auslands-BAfög in times of COVID [de]

The funding has been extended to virtual stays abroad. In general, the funding still requires actually staying at the destination. However, this requirement will be suspended as long as there is a travel warning of the Federal Foreign Office in place for the destination or travelling there is not possible. If the study program there can not be attended in an online format, funding can be offered for presence teaching only.