The University of Greifswald provides PROMOS grants for plans lasting no longer than four months. The actual duration of your period of stay abroad can exceed this length of time. A PROMOS grant for individual plans is available for one of the following funding components:

Component Type of Payment Grant Amount
Partial grant amount monthly dependent on receiving country
Travel expenses allowance one-off dependent on receiving country
Course fee allowance one-off € 500

A list of current funding amounts can be found here [de].



Full Grant Duration

You have previously received a PROMOS grant and would like to go abroad again? As a general rule, PROMOS grants can be awarded to students for periods of study abroad for study and internship purposes for a total of six months within one cycle of their education (bachelor’s, Staatsexamen (State Examination), master’s etc.). This means that you can combine grants for various plans and apply for a second round of funding. If you start a new cycle of study at UG you will be entitled to a further PROMOS grant for a total of six months.

There are no limitations for participation in subject or language courses, or for study trips and grants for taking part in in international competitions.

Funding Compatible with International BAföG and Deutschlandstipendium

Deutschlandstipendium scholarships and PROMOS grants can be received at the same time. As a general rule, it is also possible to receive simultaneous payment of international BAföG. If you are awarded a PROMOS grant, you must declare this to the authority responsible for allocating the international BAföG.

No Double Funding through German Public Funds

No PROMOS grants will be awarded for periods of stay abroad that are already receiving funding from German public funding institutions. This applies for example to funding provided by foundations (Heinrich Böll Foundation, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung). A PROMOS grant must be declared to other German public funding institutions.

Travel Warnings

No grant can be made if there is a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office [de] for the country you plan to visit.