International Greifswald

International Greifswald

Greifswald is and has always been international. For example, the region was Swedish for almost two hundred years, making the University the oldest Swedish university.

In Greifswald it is possible to get involved internationally, get to know foreign cultures and widen your international horizon! Many initiatives organise international events, summer schools and festivals in and around Greifswald.

Learning Languages and Tandems

Languages open doors to the world’s other cultures! You can improve your language skills at various institutes or, if you choose to find a tandem, get to know the language and culture of your partner:


Language Departments in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Greifswald offers the one-off opportunity of studying not only English, but also all languages from the Baltic Sea Region. In Greifswald, you can study Baltic, Slavonic and also Scandinavian languages and literature, as well as Finnish and Estonian.

Philosophische Fakultät [de]

Language Centre (FMZ)

The Language Centre offers courses in more than ten languages, which are mostly held by native speakers. Some courses integrate Skype sessions with a partner group at foreign universities into the lessons (final certificate: UNIcert Certificate)

Tip: Language tests for gaining a DAADor BWMD Language Certificate are offered once a month.

Fremdsprachen- und Medienzentrum [de]

Language Tandems

You can also learn a language individually with a language tandem, i.e. two partners with different native languages both learn the language of their counterpart. You can find a partner in the Language Centre’s database.

Tandem Database


The homepage of the project SEAGULL also offers tandem partners. Using various work materials, such as worksheets or videos, you can also learn languages at home. You can certify your participation in a language tandem with a SEAGULL certificate.


Tip: Most of our partner universities support tandem learning. Maybe you will be able to find a partner before your stay, who can help you out when you arrive and ease your settling in. Ask the IO or the Language Centre for help!

District Adult Education Centre (VHS)

You can learn further languages at the VHS. If, for example, you are planning a period of study in Japan, you can gain your first introduction to Japanese here.

VHS-Greifswald [de]