Advisory Board for Internationalisation

At the University of Greifswald, an advisory board for internationalisation, appointed by the Rectorate, gives advice on the attainment of development targets and the implementation of internationalisation measures. The Advisory Board serves as a platform for constant exchange and coordination between the various parties themselves and the University management. It usually meets once a quarter under the supervision of the Pro-Rector for Research and International Affairs.

The Advisory Board consists of the faculty officers for internationalisation, student representatives and the members of the University's administration who are responsible for internationalisation.

Members of the Advisory Board
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Beyerle, Faculty of Theology
  • Nikolas Peter, Students' Union (AStA) Representative for Integration
  • Thomas Jenssen, Manager of the Office of the Rectorate
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali, University Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Gerald P. W. Kerth, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Kloyer, Faculty of Law and Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Riedel, Pro-Rector for Research and International Affairs
  • Kerstin Rosenberger, Head of Student and International Affairs Division
  • Dr. Hasmik Hunanyan, Head of the International Office
  • Dr. Stefan Seiberling, Head of the Research Support Centre
  • Prof. Dr. Monika Unzeitg, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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