Free Classes for Refugees - Enrol as a Guest Student in Greifswald

The University of Greifswald is opening its lecture halls and invites refugees to get to know the University as guest students. Interested refugees can further their knowledge and visit certain classes.

Please note that it is not possible to attend some of the University’s courses as a guest student. Furthermore, attending classes as a guest student is fundamentally different to a regular degree. The most important differences are:

  • Guest students cannot take any exams and thus cannot gain any qualifications.
  • Attending classes as a guest student has no effect on a later application for a regular place.
  • The asylum seeking procedure is not affected in any way by participation as a guest student.
  • Guest students cannot apply for student loans (BAföG).


If you are interested in a regular study place at the University of Greifswald, you can get advice and help from the International Office and Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries. The International Office will also advise you on questions regarding the recognition of foreign educational qualifications.

International Office
Yasmin Cubukcu
Domstraße 8
Telefon +49 3834 420 1114

What you also need to know:

The summer semester 2019 starts on the 01/04/2019.


You can apply for admission as a guest student if you are an adult asylum seeker in the asylum seeking process (with a (temporary) residence permit) in Greifswald and the surrounding area, who is interested in studying in Greifswald or had started or finished a degree course in your home country. 


Enrolment as a guest student, which takes place in the Student's Registration Office, is possible if you have official permission to attend the classes and the corresponding form has been filled in. 

German Language Skills

The majority of classes in Greifswald take place in German. Those interested should thus have basic knowledge of the German language. However, prospective guest students do not have to prove their German language skills with a certificate or similar.

German Language Courses

German language courses for beginners are planned for the winter semester 2016/2017. If we receive any further information, we will publish it here.

Possible Courses

Generally, you can choose any course from the entire range offered at the University of Greifswald (exceptions:  Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology. It is not possible to take part in these courses as a guest student!). In order to attend classes as a guest student, you will need the permission of the teaching staff. Therefore, please contact the relevant members of staff.


Asylum seekers do not have to pay anything as a guest student if they can provide a (temporary) residence permit on application. The guest student ID card gives access to the library’s services. The guest student’s fee normally costs € 50.00.


Guest students cannot take any exams or obtain any course marks. However, on request, the University will be happy to attest attendance at teaching events.