The University of Greifswald’s Translation Coordinator

The University's translation coordinator is responsible for translating German texts into English, which are used to improve the University’s international image. These include the central website, flyers, brochures and important press releases. 

The Translation Coordinator has created a Glossary (it can only be accessed by members of the University) to provide for a consistent use of English at the University. The University’s institutions and administrative staff should use it as a work reference. A Style Guide [de] has been written to help standardise the writing of English texts. Additionally, this table should help German or international academics translate their rank at the University into either German or English. English sample texts [de] are also available to help members of staff  create English texts.

The Translation Coordinator provides forms, guides for filling in German forms and translations to help international students and academics find their way through a period of study or work in Greifswald.

Christopher Gray
Domstraße 11, Entrance 1
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1173
Central Translation Office