Partnerships and Cooperation Agreements

Partnerships and Cooperation Agreements

International partnerships have a long tradition in Greifswald. Since the University was founded, there has always been a keen exchange of academics, students and ideas, at first only in the Baltic Sea Region, but throughout the world for a long time now too. Within Europe, Greifswald has signed more than 200 partnership contracts in the European ERASMUS+ network.

Worldwide University Partnerships

ERASMUS+ Partnerships

Baltic Sea Region

North America
South America
  • Kyoto Sangyo University (Japan)
    Agreement since 2009. Exchange of students and PhD candidates from all subject areas. Opportunity to participate in the Global Japan Program.
  •  University of Newcastle
    Agreement since 2008. Exchange of students from all subject areas. Subject to student fees.
Northern Europe
  • Aarhus Universitet (Denmark)
    University partnership since 1988. Key areas of cooperation: English Studies, German Studies, History, Scandinavian Studies.
The Baltic States
  •  Tartu Ülikool (Estonia)
    University partnership since 1992. Key areas of cooperation: Jurisprudence, Economics, History, Finnish Studies, Estonian Language and Literature, Biochemistry, Human Genetics, Geology, Palaeontology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Theology, Classical Studies, Physics.
  • Latvijas Universitāte (Latvia)
    University partnership since 1992. Key areas of cooperation: Baltic Studies, History, German Studies, Sacred Music, Physics/Plasma Physics, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Mathematics, Biology.
  • Vilniaus Universitetas (Lithuania)
    University partnership since 1992. Key areas of cooperation: German Studies, Gender Studies, Baltic Studies, History, Dentistry, Jurisprudence, Business Studies, Pharmacology, Biology, Philosophy, Sport Science, Anatomy.
  • Klaipėdos universitetas (Lithuania)
    University partnership since 1992. Key areas of cooperation: Baltic Studies, History, Theology, Political Science, Musicology, Sport Science, Geography.
Poland/Czech Republic
  • Uniwersytet Szczeciński (Poland)
    University partnership since 1985. Key areas of cooperation: History, German Studies, Slavonic Studies, Mathematics, Geography, English and American Studies, Jurisprudence, Philosophy, Musicology, Sport Science.
  • Masarykova univerzita (Czech Republic)
    University partnership since 1961. Key areas of cooperation: Physics, Pharmacology, Ecology, Musicology, Slavonic Studies, German Studies, Sport Science, Educational Science, History.


A particularly close cooperation connects Greifswald to partner universities in Vietnam. The University opened an office in Vietnam in 2002, the Joint Education and Training Centre (JETC), run by Dr. Nguyen Binh Le Thi, a former student at the University of Greifswald, who works at the Institute of Biotechnology.

International Office

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