Faculty Contacts for International Matters

Advisory Board for Internationalisation

At the University of Greifswald, the Advisory Board for Internationalisation, which is appointed by the Rectorate, examines the attainment of development goals and the realisation of internationalisation measures. The Advisory Board serves as a platform for constant exchange and coordination between the individual parties and with the University’s leadership. Headed by the Pro-Rector for Research and International Affairs, it usually convenes once a quarter. The Advisory Board consists of the members of staff who are responsible for internationalisation within the faculties and the University’s administration, as well as student representatives.

Members of the Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Beyerle, Faculty of Theology
  • Thomas Jenssen, Manager of the Office of the Rectorate
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali, University Medicine Greifswald
  • Prof. Dr. Gerald P. W. Kerth, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Kloyer, Faculty of Law and Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Riedel, Pro-Rector for Research and International Affairs
  • Kerstin Rosenberger, Head of the Student and International Affairs Division
  • Dr. Hasmik Hunanyan, Head of the International Office
  • Dr. Stefan Seiberling, Head of the Research Support Centre
  • Prof. Dr. Monika Unzeitig, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Subject Coordinators at the Departments

The Erasmus+ subject coordinators are the members of staff in the subject areas or departments who are responsible for all academic matters related to student mobility (e.g. the signing of the learning agreement). You can also contact the subject coordinators if you plan to initiate international collaboration or projects. Further contact details and addresses can be found using the search function of the telephone directory.


Subject area Contact email  
Art History & Art and Design Sylvia Dallmann dallmann@uni-greifswald.de  
Baltic Studies Prof. Dr. Stephan Kessler stephan.kessler@uni-greifswald.de  
Biochemistry Dr. Bettina Appel bappel@uni-greifswald.de  
Biology Prof. Dr. Gabriele Uhl gabriele.uhl@uni-greifswald.de  
British and North American Studies Heike Gericke gericke@uni-greifswald.de  
  North America: Dr. Anette Brauer brauer@uni-greifswald.de  
Lancaster University: Dr. Theresa Heyd theresa.heyd@uni-greifswald.de  
Communication Studies Dr. Martha Kuhnhenn martha.kuhnhenn@uni-greifswald.de  
Dentistry Prof. Christian Splieth splieth@uni-greifswald.de  
Economics and Business Studies Prof. Dr. Hans Pechtl pechtl@uni-greifswald.de  
Educational Science Dr. Sabine Schweder sabine.schweder@uni-greifswald.de  
Finnish and Scandinavian Studies Arnt Sundstøl arnt.sundstol@uni-greifswald.de  
Geography / Geology Jörg Hartleib hartleib@uni-greifswald.de  
German Language and Literature Outgoer: Prof. Dr. Monika Unzeitig unzeitig@uni-greifswald.de  
Incomer: Dr. Karin Cieslik kcieslik@uni-greifswald.de  
History Hielke van Nieuwenhuize hielkemartijn.vannieuwenhuize@uni-greifswald.de  
Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (incl. Environmental Sciences) Dr. Michael Manthey manthey@uni-greifswald.de  
Law Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi rodi@uni-greifswald.de  
Contact: Franziska Wulf franziska.wulf@uni-greifswald.d  
Mathematics / Computer Science Prof. Dr. Mareike Fischer email@mareikefischer.de  
Medicine Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali lars.kaderali@uni-greifswald.de  
Pharmacy PD Dr. Gregor Radau radau@uni-greifswald.de  
Philosophy Prof. Dr. Michael Astroh astroh@uni-greifswald.de  
Physics PD Dr. Franz Xaver Bronold franzxaver.bronold@uni-greifswald.de  
Political Science Nadine O'Shea nadine.oshea@uni-greifswald.de  
Psychology Prof. Dr. Silke Schmidt silke.schmidt@uni-greifswald.de  
Sacred Music and Musicology Sacred Music: Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider matthias.schneider@uni-greifswald.de  
Musicology: Dr. Martin Loeser loeser@uni-greifswald.de  
Slavonic Studies Prof. Dr. Harry Walter walter@uni-greifswald.de  
Theology Prof. Dr. Stefan Beyerle stefan.beyerle@uni-greifswald.de