... via car

Greifswald can now be easily reached via the Baltic Sea motorway A20.

Travelling from Berlin

From the direction of Berlin, exit the A20 at junction 27 toward Gützkow and take the B96 to Greifswald.
When travelling from Berlin, you will need to plan on two to three hours driving time:

  • either via the B96 Oranienburg/Neubrandenburg toward Greifswald;
  • or the A11 to Prenzlau, A20 to Greifswald.

Travelling from Hamburg

If you’re travelling from the direction of Hamburg, take the exit at junction 25 toward Greifswald.
When travelling from the direction of Hamburg, you will need to plan on two to three hours driving time:

  • A1 toward Lübeck, A20 to Hansestadt Greifswald


Parking Spaces

In Greifswald, there are two large public car parks underneath the Dompassage and the marketplace. At the train station, the theatre, on the Hansering and at the south museum harbour, there are also parking spaces with parking ticket machines. These parking spaces can be found by following the parking guidance system.
In addition, vehicles can be parked on the car park in front of the Mensa. Residents can obtain resident parking permits from the town council.

For visitors, we recommend leaving your car in a car park and using public transport. The town centre can also be explored on foot or with a bicycle.
If you want to travel cheaply by car and get to know new people, you can find out about rideshares (Mitfahrgelegenheiten) to and from Greifswald. The University’s bulletin board offers students the chance to place advertisements.