... via ferry

In contrast to Hanseatic times, today Greifswald can no longer be reached by boat. Those travelling from Scandinavia, that is, Sweden and Denmark, can arrive at the ports of Rostock and Sassnitz (Rügen). You can then continue your journey to Greifswald by car or train.

The Ryck, which is 23 kilometres long, flows into the Baltic Sea in Wieck. The waterway is navigable for five and a half kilometres upstream until the Greifswald Museum Harbour.

Until 186,3 when Greifswald was connected to the rail network, its seaport was an important hub for international trade. For example, salt and grain was exported to Scandinavia. Today, the Ryck and the Museum Harbour offer sailors, canoeists, rowers, paddle boat riders and other water enthusiasts an easy connection to the Greifswald town area. In Germany’s largest museum harbour, historical sailing ships are lovingly restored. Each year, during the Fishermen’s Festival, an impressive variety of old ships sail into Greifswald’s Museum Harbour for the Gaffelrigg.

The waters of the Greifswalder Bodden are one of Germany’s most favoured sailing areas.