Research Groups and Project Managers in this Key Field of Research

Research Group Project Manager
Caspar David Friedrich Institute  
General History of Art Prof. Kilian Heck
History of Art: Medieval and Early Modern Ages Prof. Gerhard Weilandt
Department of History  
Modern History Prof. Michael North
Late Modern History Prof. Thomas Stamm-Kuhlmann
Eastern European History Prof. Matthias Niendorf
Nordic History Prof. Jens E. Olesen
History of the Middle Ages/Hanseatic History Prof. Horst Wernicke
Medieval History and Historical Ancillary Sciences Prof. Karl-Heinz Spieß
Department of Baltic Studies  
Baltic Philology Prof. Stephan Kessler
Department of Finnish and Scandinavian Studies  
Finnish Studies Prof. Marko Pantermöller
Modern Scandinavian Literatures Prof. Joachim Schiedermair
Scandinavian Linguistics Prof. Christer Lindqvist
Department of German Language and Literature  
German Linguistics Prof. Jürgen Schiewe
Department of Sacred Music and Musicology  
Musicology Prof. Walter Wehrbeck
Musicology PD Dr. Peter Tenhaef
Department of Philosophy  
Practical Philosophy Prof. Micha Werner
Department of Political Science  
Political Theory and the History of Ideas Prof. Hubertus Buchstein
Comparative Politics Prof. Detlef Jahn
International Politics Prof. Margit Bussmann
Department of Slavonic Studies  
Slavonic Literature Studies Prof. Ulrike Jekutsch
Slavonic Linguistics Prof. Bernd Brehmer
Slavonic Linguistics Prof. Harry Walter Schlanges
Faculty of Theology  
Systematic Theology Prof. Heinrich Assel
Church History Prof. Thomas K. Kuhn
Institute of Geography and Geologyographie und Geologie  
Economic and Social Geography Prof. Wilhelm Steingrube
Sustainability and Applied Geographyitswissenschaft und Angewandte Geographie Prof. Susanne Stoll-Kleemann
Regional Geography Prof. Helmut Klüter
Cartography/GIS Prof. Reinhard Zölitz
Regional Geology and Structural Geology Prof. Martin Meschede