Research Groups and Project Managers in this Key Field of Research

Research Group Project Manager
Institute of Biochemistry  
Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer
Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology  
General Economics and Landscape Economy Prof. Volker Beckmann
Peatland Studies and Palaeoecology Prof. Hans Joosten
Experimental Plant Ecology Prof. Jürgen Kreyling
General and Special Botany Prof. Martin Schnittler
Plant Physiology Prof. Christine Stöhr
Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics Prof. Martin Wilmking
Environmental Ethics Prof. Martin Gorke
Hiddensee Biological Station  
Institute of Geography and Geology  
Physical Geography Prof. Torsten Haberzettl
Economic and Social Geography Prof. Daniel Schiller
Economic Geography and Tourism Prof. Martin Meschede
Applied Geology and Hydrogeology Prof. Maria-Theresia Schafmeister
Sustainability and Applied Geography Prof. Susanne Stoll-Kleemann
Economic Geology and Geochemistry Prof. Lawrence Warr
Cartography/GIS Prof. Sebastian van der Linden
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science  
Biomathematics and Stochastics Prof. Mareike Fischer
Biomathematics and Stochastics Prof. Volkmar Liebscher
Institute of Microbiology  
Aquatic Microbial Ecology Dr. Mia Bengtsson
Bacterial Physiology Prof. Tim Urich
Microbial Physiology and Molecular Biology Prof. Katharina Riedel
Institute of Pharmacy  
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Prof. Thomas Schweder
Department of Philosophy  
Practical Philosophy Prof. Micha Werner
Institute of Physics  
Environmental Physics Prof. Christian von Savigny
Zoological Institute and Museum  
Animal Ecology Prof. Alexander Wacker
Bird Observatory Dr. Martin Haase
Cytology and Evolutionary Biology Prof. Steffen Harzsch
Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Prof. Jan-Peter Hildebrandt
Applied Zoology and Nature Conservation Prof. Gerald Kerth
Zoological Museum Prof. Peter Michalik
General and Systematic Zoology Prof. Gabriele Uhl
Faculty of Law and Economics  
Administrative Law and Environmental Law Prof. Sabine Schlacke