FÄLLT AUS: Constantine in Gaul: Succeeding in the Roman Borderlands

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth De Palmer Digeser (Santa Barbara), Foto: UCSB
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth De Palmer Digeser (Santa Barbara), Foto: UCSB

Evidence from the city of Augustodunum (Autun) helps us understand the challenges that the emperor Constantine (r. 306-337) faced early in his career, ruling from the borderlands capital city of Trier. A close analysis of the Latin Panegyrics, together with material evidence from archaeological investigations, shows that Constantine ultimately overcame his early, weak position by cultivating a variety of elites whose support linked him more closely with the rest of the empire.

Elizabeth De Palmer Digeser is Professor of Roman History/Late Antiquity at the Department of History at University of California, Santa Barbara, CA. Her latest book, A Threat to Public Piety: Christians, Platonists, and the Great Persecution (Cornell 2012), explores the interactions of Platonist philosophers and Christian theologians in the period leading up to the Great Persecution of AD 303-11. Her new research explores the questions surrounding the emperor Constantine’s .

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