DAAD Award Winner Comes from Taiwan

DAAD Award winner Yang-Leng Liu – Photo: Till Junker

Yang-Leng Liu stood out from the other 16 applicants. Yang-Leng Liu is studying Scandinavian Studies and Philosophy in Greifswald with periods of study abroad in Norway and Sweden. Ms. Liu is a very talented linguist and shows consistency and persistency.  In addition to her native languages Taiwanese and Mandarin, Yang-Leng Liu also speaks English, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic, to name just some. When she was a young pupil, Ms. Liu set herself the goal of learning 30 languages, to be able to discover and understand the “world”.

“The DAAD Award means a lot to me, it is a brilliant feeling to know that my achievements have been acknowledged in Greifswald,” says Ms. Liu. Ms. Liu actually wanted to apply for the prize last year, but back then she was on a period of study abroad in Norway. She sees herself as a mediator, as someone who, thanks to her experience of different cultures, social and political environments, has the ability to bring people together and exchange peacefully. Her way of life and her experiences are now being consolidated on a philosophical front thanks to her choice of studies. Ms. Yang-Leng Liu is a role model for her fellow students in terms of internationality and open-mindedness.

The prize will be awarded as part of the Winter Ball on the 20th January 2018 at the Theatercafé Greifswald. The annual event is organised by the International Office and the Local Erasmus Initiative. It is the official winter semester party for international students and students in Greifswald who are interested in all things international.

Further Information
The prize has been awarded by the DAAD for more than 10 years. It aims to underline the enrichment that foreign students can bring to the university community and helps give them a face. 

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