Nordischer Klang Festival 2019

The band Moses Hightower from Reykjavík shall kick-off the string of concerts with its relaxed Icelandic soul pop.  Although the band has been a successful chart act in its home country for almost a decade, they have only performed a few concerts on mainland Europe. The volcanic island in the North Atlantic is also home to the jazz pianist Jakob Gunnarsson and the electro musician Klaki; who both create impressive melodies.  The Norwegian band Broen plays innovative pop music with its mix of new wave, hip hop and psychedelia, whilst AyOwA drifts gentle Danish vocals over synthesiser sounds. Two instrumental crossover projects produce powerful beats: Kalaha from Copenhagen merges Afro vibes, electronica and jazz, Ritva Nero from Helsinki tosses Nordic folk perfectly with heavy metal. Songs from warm countries can be heard when the Brazilian Obi Trio strikes up bossa nova and samba jazz with its singer Denise Fontoura or when the Senegalese-Swedish band Sousou & MaherCissoko sings Afro pop to the sounds of the Kora.  The latter were named Act of the Year at the Swedish Folk and World Music Gala 2018. The ten members of Östblocket from Malmö blasts its audiences with Balkan music that is sure to get them dancing and the guitar virtuoso Joonas Widenius celebrates Flamenco with his trio. The ‘Sámi sessions’ provide young Sámi artists the opportunity to go on stage for the first time outside of their homeland Norway. Kajsa Balto moves her audiences with her strong singer/songwriter voice and as a Joik singer. Together with his quartet Sex Magick Wizards, guitarist Viktor Bomstad combines traditional Joik music with progressive rock and power jazz. Another Norwegian quartet - Rolf Roy’s - from Hamar performs Polka, Rheinländer and other chirpy dance music.

Greifswald’s University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of University Music Director Harald Braun shall perform the world premiere of the 40-minute melodrama ‘Auf dem Hochgebirge’ by Frederick Delius. The British composer Frederick Delius composed the music in 1888 to the German translation of Henrik Ibsen’s poem with the same title. The work will now be performed for the first time in its original version with German text. The actor Christian Holm shall take on the role of the narrator during the performance. Further classical concerts will be performed by the Finnish duo Annemarie Åström (violin) and Terhi Dostal (piano) with works from northern European composers, as well as Lund’s Woodwind Quintet that shall perform together with Greifswald’s Music School Teacher Ensemble. The chamber choir Kairos from Ystad in the south of Sweden shall close the festival.

The festival shall welcome internationally successful bestseller authors with Johanna Sinisalo from Finland and Johan Harstad from Norway. Further book presentations focus on Iceland and its people, as well as the Finnish Formula 1 racing driver, Kimi Räikkönen. The young Icelandic author Árný Stella will read at an event that is part of Greifswald’s student translation project ‘Neue Nordische Novellen’. An information forum invites visitors to reflect on the northern European social welfare state in sociological and literary discourses. An international podium discussion will focus on the international political relations of the Nordic countries. Further presentations, readings, films, puppet theatre and exhibitions complete this year’s programme. And to round it all off, Nordischer Klang goes through the tummy: Eight gastronomic businesses shall provide delicacies based on northern European recipes.


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