Studying in Greifswald to Become More International

Photo: Jan Meßerschmidt

The creation of a bachelor-plus degree course “Baltic Regional Studies”, a master’s degree course “Musicology beyond borders. Music, Media, Methods” and a bachelor’s degree course “International Political Science” are planned. All three suggestions come from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

“At the University of Greifswald there are currently no degree courses which are solely taught in English, which would be particularly interesting for international students. At the same time, by systematically establishing international degree courses, we would like to achieve an increase in the number of students at our University who go abroad during their studies and to improve the recognition of credits gained abroad,” says Thomas Schattschneider, responsible for internationalisation in the Office of the Rectorate.

The international and interdisciplinary bachelor-plus degree course, “Baltic Regional Studies”, planned by the Department of Slavonic Studies, will be associated with the key field of research “Cultures of the Baltic Sea Region”. Subjects and disciplines from outside of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities will also be included. Part of the degree course will have to be completed abroad. The planned degree course should attract young people who would like to specialise in a culturally diverse and strongly transnational region. Administration, industry and media from the countries that border the Baltic Sea, such as Sweden, Poland and Germany have continued to voice their need for corresponding specialists in the recent past. Universities from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States are amongst the possible cooperation partners.

The planned bachelor’s degree course, “International Political Science”, planned by the Department of Politics and Communication Science, is also meant to include international university partners and an obligatory period of study abroad. The goal is to lower the bar for periods of study abroad for students during their degree courses and to substantially expand the teaching of courses in English.

The integrated international master’s degree course, “Musicology beyond borders. Music, Media, Methods” has been planned by the Department of Church Music and Musicology at the University of Greifswald together with the Department of Music and Art at the Linnaeus University in Sweden. The plans for the degree course, which is to be taught in English, also include a period of study abroad for the students. The goal is to convey and develop cross-media and cultural science competencies based on and whilst using music from different cultures and periods. Students will gain in-depth knowledge into the musical culture of the Baltic Sea Region and expand competencies for the critical handling of music as a media phenomenon. This project has already made significant progress thanks to the help of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Contacts at the University of Greifswald

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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Brehmer
Department of Slavonic Studies
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Prof. Dr. Margit Bussmann
Department of Politics and Communication Science
Field of Politics
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Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider
Department of Church Music and Musicology
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