Top Marks for the University of Greifswald in the CHE University Ranking 2018

Pharmacy students value for example the overall study situation, the teacher support and the laboratories. The subject was also successful in the categories graduations in appropriate time and job market preparation, as well as in many others.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Benarski, Managing Director of the Institute of Pharmacy, is delighted with these excellent results: ‘The top marks for study situation and teacher support show that Greifswald provides the best conditions to study the multi-facetted and dynamic subject pharmacy in an appropriate amount of time. This result is not just very good for our students, but also helps the job market in our federal state, as the need for pharmacists in various professional fields continues to remain high in large states such as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.’

Dentistry attained top marks in sixteen different categories. The degree course received particularly good assessments in the categories: overall study situation, examinations, study organisation, research orientation and rooms. Biology also reached the top group in the categories overall study situation and examinations. It was also successful in the category teaching of technical/professional competence and five further categories. The University managed to reach the top group for mathematics in the category graduations in appropriate time. And political science was included in the top group in the category international orientation.

You can view the University of Greifswald’s detailed results here.

The CHE University Ranking has evaluated more than 130 universities and 150 universities of applied sciences and more than 2600 subject areas and 7000 degree courses since 1998. This year’s ranking included survey results from approximately 200,000 students and around 15,000 professors. The Ranking believes that there is not one perfect university course. Therefore, it lists the results of various categories separately in a multidimensional ranking so that prospective students can pick out the information that is important to them. Apart from facts about the degree course, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking also includes student opinions about study conditions at their universities. One third of the subjects is re-evaluated every year. This year’s featured subjects were biology/biosciences, chemistry, geography, geosciences, computer science, mathematics, medicine nursing science, pharmacy, physics, political/social sciences, sport/sports sciences, sports education and dentistry.

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