FAQs about the Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Studies

In the last few days, we have been receiving lots of questions on various topics related to the effects of the coronavirus on studies. We have gathered the questions and tried to provide answers based on the information that is currently available. We will keep you up to date with new developments here and we also ask you to check your uni email account regularly as we will send important notifications to your address.

In the next few days, FAQs about topics such as student accommodation, BAföG, and other questions regarding the current situation will be uploaded to the Studierendenwerk’s (Student Services) [de] website.

Please also keep up to date with the information provided here: www.uni-greifswald.de/en/coronavirus

Update: 27/03/2020, 6.03 p.m.

General Arrangements for Summer Semester 2020 in MV

Bettina Martin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Minister of Education, Science and Culture has written a letter to all members of the university communities [de] at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s tertiary education institutions. This letter confirms that summer semester 2020 will take place and that teaching will at first be provided without the physical presence of the students, but rather in digital formats that make ‘distance learning’ possible. Furthermore, all of the coursework and examinations completed in summer semester 2020 will be recognised.

University Library with Extended Online Resources due to Coronavirus

Starting/Continuing Studies in Greifswald

Can I enter Mecklenburg-Vorpommern if I am continuing/taking up studies at the University?

Entry to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and thus also to Greifswald is currently only possible for persons whose primary residence is outside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for work reasons or due to unavoidable private reasons. Please be aware that the Landespolizei (State Police) or local authorities are carrying out corresponding checks on the autobahns and main roads and might stop your onward journey.
We therefore strongly recommend that you carry the following documents with you in case you are coming to Greifswald from another federal state: 

  • If applicable, proof of primary residence in M-V (e.g. German national ID card, residence permit) 
  • Student ID card  from the University of Greifswald 
  • For freshers who have not yet received their student ID card: Enrolment certificate or corresponding confirmation from the Students' Registration Office; if required, please contact the Students' Registration Office at studsek@uni-greifswald.de 
  • Other documents or proof that provide plausible evidence of the reason for entry to M-V
  • If you are being accompanied by a friend or family member, please check the regulations on the webpages of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Ministry of the Interior [de]

Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries

Are consultation hours still taking place at Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries, and can I still book a slot online?

At the moment, no public access is allowed to the university premises. Therefore, Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries is currently not providing face-to-face consultations; until further notice it is not possible to book an appointment online. However, you can still contact Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries with your questions via email or telephone, or write to them via WhatsApp [de].

You can contact Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries over the phone at these times:
Monday-Thursday: 9.00-11.30 a.m. and 1.00-4.00 p.m.
Friday: 9.00-11.30 a.m.

Can I still contact Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries via WhatsApp?

YES! Please understand that it might currently take longer than usual for us to answer your questions.


How can I find out more about studying in Greifswald?

Visit our website to find up-to-date information. You can also contact Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries via WhatsApp [de], the number is:  +49 151 67012813. Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries and the Student Recruitment Office are holding a webinar (in German) on 31 March 2020: We will introduce you to the University of Greifswald, give an insight into the range of study opportunities at our five faculties, and answer your questions in a chat session.



Applications, Enrolment, Admissions

Are the consultation hours at the Students' Registration Office and the Central Examination Office taking place as usual?

No, no face-to-face consultations shall be provided whilst public access to the campus is heavily restricted. Please send your queries to the members of staff at the Central Examination Office and Students' Registration Office via email.


I plan to start my studies at the University of Greifswald in summer semester 2020. What do I need to know?

At present, the start of semester is planned for 20/04/2020. However, this depends on the further development of the corona pandemic. Therefore, please visit our website and check your emails regularly to keep up to date with the current news. Find out how to set up your email account on the Computer Centre’s website [de]. We will also feed our social media profiles with all of the information regarding current developments at the University.


Exchanges and International Students

I am a student at the University and currently abroad. What should I do?

The University Governance has issued no official recommendation for students of the University of Greifswald to return home if they are currently abroad. They can decide whether they want to interrupt their period of stay abroad at their own discretion. Please make sure you contact the International Office, whatever you decide! Although the International Office is not able to provide any specific recommendations, the IO’s staff members try to support the students with any decisions they need to make. You should also contact the International Office or the person looking after you at your host institution to gain information on the current local situation. 

Students, who are currently abroad as part of one of the University of Greifswald’s exchange programmes and who decide to interrupt their stay abroad, are not obliged to pay back their grant and will receive a reimbursement for their travel costs. How this is dealt with depends on the exchange programme. Please also contact the International Office with any queries on this topic. 

We recommend you register on the digital list of Germans abroad (ELEFAND) that is provided by the Federal Foreign Office (this website can be temporarily unavailable due to server overloads). This is particularly useful if you do decide to leave the country you are in even though there are very few travel options.

The Federal Republic of Germany’s missions abroad can be found here.

The Federal Foreign Office’s crisis team can be reached by calling +49 30 5000 3000. Unfortunately, due to the large number of enquiries, there might be a long waiting time. This also applies to the German missions abroad and their availability.

According to current information, the airline Condor is taking part in the government’s mission to fly stranded German tourists home from their international locations. Those affected can visit the website www.condor.com/fly-home and enter the details of where they are.

Please read your emails regularly and keep an eye on this website.

I am an international student and was accepted for a study place starting in summer semester 2020. Can I still enrol and when will lectures start? Can I postpone taking up studies until winter semester?

You can only enrol via post. Classes are scheduled to start on 20 April. Current information on this topic is provided on the University’s homepage. Of course you can postpone taking up studies until winter semester. Please contact the International Office via email if you would like to do this. 

Prospective Students

Will the University Open Days still take place as planned?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide a definite answer as to whether the open days [de] will take place as planned. The event has not been cancelled yet. Please keep up to date with the information provided on our website [de] and social media profiles. This is where we will keep you posted with current developments.


Are the University’s guided tours still being provided?

No. As public access to the campus is heavily restricted, no guided tours of the University shall take place up until and including 19 April 2020.




Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries

              Contact for: General study enquiries

Student's Registration Office

              Contact for: Enrolments, applications, start of semester

University Information System (HIS)

              Contact for: Course timetable

Central Examination Office

              Contact for: Examinations, submission of coursework essays

International Office

              Contact for: Exchanges, international students

Studierendenwerk (Student Services)

              Contact for: Accommodation, Mensa (cafeteria), BAföG

Town of Greifswald (Town Council)

              Contact for: Registration Office, Car Registration Office

Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald (District Council)

              Contact for: Healthcare/public health

Press and Media Relations Office

              Contact for: Media enquiries, press releases

The short URL to this website is: www.uni-greifswald.de/en/coronavirus/study