Starting Studies in Winter Semester 2020/21

We have created this page to help our freshers get to know the University and learn more about the start of their studies in times of COVID-19, including the Welcome and Supervision Programme [de] we have introduced especially for you.

“The University of Greifswald sends out a warm welcome to all of its new students in Winter Semester 2020/21! Your studies are starting at unusual times in which social interaction is restricted as a result of the pandemic. Of course, a University depends on its social encounters and social exchange. For this reason, we have developed a teaching concept that provides as much on-site teaching as possible pursuant to the regulations to protect us from infection, and is sensibly complemented by digital teaching formats. The teaching offers are based around our duty to preserve the health of the members of the university community and our efforts to provide you with attractive study conditions,” Prof. Dr. Johanna Weber, Rector of the University of Greifswald.

Organising studies © Till Junker

Preparations and First Steps for International Students

From registering at the Registration Office to taking out health insurance, there are several things international students must take care of in the first few days after their arrival in Greifswald. Find an overview of what you must see to here.

Lecture at times of COVID-19 ©Laura_Schirrmeister

Knowing How Things Work

You’re a fresher but don’t know where to start? How do you put your timetable together? How should you organise your studies? And where exactly are you? All of the information you need for a successful start to studies is presented to you in a concise manner during the Freshers’ Week. Be sure to make the most of the introductory sessions provided by the individual subject areas.

Students at Lohmeyerplatz © Laura Schirrmeister

Studying in Times of COVID-19

Please take note of the University of Greifswald’s valid code of conduct and hygiene regulations that apply during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which can be found in the FAQs on our central website. The questions and answers specifically related to the start of studies for both students and other members of the university community are regularly updated.

Aerial photo of the Historical Campus ©Graupner

Uni in a Nutshell

The University of Greifswald was founded on the initiative of Greifswald’s mayor Heinrich Rubenow in 1456. It is not only one of Germany’s oldest universities, but can also claim to be Sweden’s oldest university as the region fell under Swedish rule for nearly two hundred years in the aftermath of the Thirty Years’ War. Today, it is a strong, internationally oriented research university with strong partners. Researchers address challenges faced by today’s society: health & preventive medicine, environment & climate, energy & raw materials and chances & risks of globalisation.

University Sport windsurfing ©Magnus_Schult

Sport at the Uni

University Sport plans and organises sports courses for all of the University of Greifswald’s students and members of staff. The offers comprise more than 80 kinds of sport and exercise. Around 800 courses are held every year with varying course times and different offers every semester, both during the lecture and non-lecture periods. Make sure you register in time!

Central University Library © Magnus Schult


The University of Greifswald has a Central University Library and departmental libraries for the subject areas. These not only provide access to the collections of literature, but also workstations and rooms in which you can work. Find out more about the locations, search tools, how to borrow media and the collections here.

Freshers' Week ©AStA

Welcoming of the Freshers [de]

In spite of the continuing pandemic, the AStA has made every effort to organise events in which the freshers will be greeted in person. This year will see two Freshers’ Weeks: from 05/10 to 12/10/2020; and for all degree courses starting in November, from 26/10 to 01/11/2020.

Mail server ©Till_Junker

Have You Activated Your Uni email Address [de]?

Important news and information from the University, the Examination Office, university facilities, faculties and departments are first sent to the students’ university email address. It is therefore exceedingly important for you to activate your university email account, to check the inbox regularly, or to forward the emails to an account of your own choice. In order to activate your account, you will need to log in to the account management with the access details you received with your certificate of enrolment.

Foundation charter of the University © Archive

A Uni with a Long History

The University has been closely tied to the town and the region ever since its founding on 17 October 1456. Over the centuries, many young adults have come here from the Baltic States and Northern Europe to study. Members of the University together with further courageous citizens managed to save the town from destruction at the end of the war in 1945. The role of the University during national socialism was also reappraised at the beginning of the 2010s.

Lecture hall at the start of studies © Laura Schirrmeister

Where Can I Find my Timetable?

Sample timetables can be found on the departments’ websites. The detailed course timetable is available on our online self-service portal. The Students' Union (AStA), the subject advisors and our department student bodies will also help you put your timetable together as part of Freshers’ Week.

Living in Greifswald ©Till_Junker

Housing in Greifswald

In Greifswald there are two housing associations with varying conditions who make an effort to provide student-friendly flats all over town, in all price ranges and with or without furniture. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, spontaneous flat viewings are not possible. You are asked to arrange an appointment in good time and several days prior to the desired date. Both associations have set up extra pages for student accommodation.

Emergency Accommodation

The Students' Union (AstA) helps you find accommodation in Greifswald at short notice. A list of offers has been put online. This is updated regularly. If you are interested in one of the offers, send an email to the AStA Officer for Social Aspects and Gender Equality indicating the relevant information (date offer was submitted and number of square metres).

Uni map of the surrounding region

How to Get to Greifswald

Many roads lead to Greifswald... The town beside the sea is situated halfway between the islands of Usedom and Rügen. The bicycle-friendly town can be reached by car via the Baltic Sea motorway A20 from Berlin and Hamburg in approximately two hours.

Hoodys from the Gift Shop © Ole Kracht

University Gift Shop

Whether it’s a hoody, t-shirt or uni mug - the University of Greifswald’s Gift Shop has (nearly) everything the (student) heart desires. Small accessories such as key lanyards for your door key or the popular fabric bags with the distinctive seal of the University of Greifswald can also be found at the Tourist Information Office on the Market Square, or in our online shop.

Learning at the Language Centre ©Magnus_Schult

Learn Languages

The Language Centre provides language courses that are part of the curriculum for Optional/General Studies (languages, rhetoric, writing competence) and optional language courses. It has several language and computer labs, as well as a media library. Attending university-based courses to improve language skills and general competencies helps students with their studies, mobility and later careers. They are based on academic principles and held using modern methods that are both suited to the target group and future-oriented.


Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries

              Contact for: General study enquiries

Student's Registration Office

              Contact for: Enrolments, applications, start of semester

University Information System (HIS)

              Contact for: Course timetable

Central Examination Office

              Contact for: Examinations, submission of coursework essays

International Office

              Contact for: Exchanges, international students

Studierendenwerk (Student Services)

              Contact for: Accommodation, Mensa (cafeteria), BAföG

Town of Greifswald (Town Council)

              Contact for: Registration Office, Car Registration Office

Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald (District Council)

              Contact for: Healthcare/public health

Press and Media Relations Office

              Contact for: Media enquiries, press releases

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