The title of Honorary Doctor (Dr. h. c.) can be awarded by a faculty, according to their doctoral regulations and on agreement with the Senate, to a person who has delivered outstanding achievements for academia.

Since the 9th November 1989, the University of Greifswald’s faculties have awarded the title of Honorary Doctor to the following People:

Faculty of Theology
  • Dr. Manfred Stolpe (since 14/11/1989), Consistorial President
  • Prof. Dr. Roderich Schmidt (13/11/1990), Chairman of the Pommersche Kommission
  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard Jüngel (since 06/07/2001), Systematic Theologian, University of Tübingen
  • Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h. c. Erich Gräßer (since 14/05/2004), Professor for New Testament Theology at the Universities of Bochum and Bonn
  • William Wolff (since 25/10/2006), State Rabbi, London/Schwerin
  • Piotr Gas (since 25/10/2006), Senior Consistorial Councillor, Szczecin
  • Dr. Antje Jackelén (since 18/11/2016), Archbishop of Uppsala, Head of the Church of Sweden
Faculty of Law and Economics
  • Jacques Delors (since 12/05/1994), President of the European Commission (1985 - 1995)
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Hans-Heinrich Jescheck (19/01/1996), former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Prof. Dr. Kjell Åke Modéer (since 28/01/2000), Law Historian at the University of Lund, Sweden
  • Rudolf Mellinghoff (since 17/11/2006), President of the Federal Fiscal Court, Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk van Zyl Smit (since 21/11/2008), University of Nottingham
University Medicine Greifswald
  • Prof. Dr. Horst Frunder (06/03/1990), Biochemist, University of Jena
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Klaus Zinser (24/06/1994), Gynaecologist
  • Hannelore Kohl (05/05/1995), President of the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Stiftung
  • Prof. em. Dr. Dr. Bengt Scherstén (since 23/04/1996), Community Medicine, University of Lund, Sweden
  • Prof. Dr. Gert Riethmüller (since 28/10/1996), Immunologist, University of Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Lindemann (since 10/07/1998), Gynaecologist, Hamburg
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen van de Loo (since 06/03/2002), Internist, University of Münster
  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Niethammer (since 26/11/2004), University Children’s Hospital Tübingen
  • Horst Dieter Marheineke (since 07/07/2006), Secretary General and Board Member of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Essen
  • Prof. Dr. Berthold Beitz (17/10/2006), Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Essen
  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Friedrich Wilhelm Ahnefeld (since 21/11/2008), Anaesthetist, Ulm
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Wolfgang Koeppen (08/06/1990), Writer
  • Helmhold Schneider (since 28/09/1990), Entrepreneur
  • Prof. Dr. Hildegard Emmel (15/11/1991), Germanist
  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Friese (20/10/1993), Linguist and Literary Scholar
  • Günther Petersen (since 05/04/1995), Journalist, Bad Nauheim
  • Prof. em. fil. toht. Terho Itkonen (08/11/1996), Fennist, University of Helsinki
  • Prof. em. Dr. phil. Erik Lönnroth (09/07/1999), University of Gothenburg
  • Prof. Dr. Theodore Ziolkowski (since 07/11/2001), Germanist, Princeton University
  • Prof. Dr. Matti Klinge (since 07/07/2006), University of Helsinki
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (since 14/05/2008), Stanford University
  • Dr. Raimund Fellinger (since 04/02/2012), Editor-in-Chief Suhrkamp Verlag
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Behrens (24/04/1992), Chemist
  • Prof. Dr. Günter Ecker (09/12/1994), Physicist
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Klaus Pinkau (since 12/06/1998), Scientific Director of the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Volker Storch (since 17/06/2004), Professor for Animal Morphology and Ecology at the University of Heidelberg
  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Klausnitzer (14/11/2008), Entomologist
Honorary Doctors of the University of Greifswald

Honorary Doctors of the University of Greifswald