Throughout the duration of the programme, mentors accompany their mentees on their career path. They pass on their knowledge and experience to excellent female junior researchers and develop a mentoring relationship, which is a beneficial process for both parties. 

As mentor you can expect:

  • that the mentee will prepare carefully for the first contact
  • that the mentee will play an active role in the mentoring relationship and feel responsible for attaining her goals
  • that you define the conditions and frequency of contact with the mentee
  • that we will accompany you both throughout the mentoring programme

Taking on the responsibility of a mentor,

  • you show willingness to donate a mentee time, personal commitment and trust and are interested in strengthening her competencies
  • you are willing to pass on your professional and life experiences and grant insights into your own branch and work duties
  • you are familiar with processes of change and offer years of managerial and development experience, which were characterised by challenges, success, but also crises
  • you are part of professional networks and have extensive contacts and are prepared to use these as door openers for your mentee
  • you are interested and excited about gaining new perspectives on your own work through your mentee 

As a mentor, you receive the opportunity to:

  • reflect on your own career thanks to the mentee’s questions
  • expand your strategic partnerships and own networks due to new contacts
  • strengthen your own advisory and leadership expertise
  • contribute to fairer equal opportunities in staff development 

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