Crisis as a Challenge – Challenge of a Crisis (Conference)

Bildausschnitt Flyer, ©Universität-Greifswald

The conference presents a platform for the exchange and further inspiration of intercultural projects from the Pomerania region with a focus on learning, teaching and working during the exceptional times of a crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Various projects from the regions of Szczecin and Greifswald will present their concepts, ideas and outputs to support learning, working, and living during challenging times and will thereby offer new insights into intercultural and interdisciplinary areas of how to cope with the current challenges.

*** Registration for project presentations is still open ***
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University of Greifswald
Department of School Pedagogy
Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 3, 17489 Greifswald


  • University of Greifswald & University of Szczecin

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