Academic Writing: How to create good texts

The methods and instruments of scientific writing can be learnt. With a few select mechanisms for structuring and techniques for building arguments, it becomes possible to articulate even complex data clearly and comprehensibly. Coherently built up and convincingly formulated, even academic texts can be an exciting read! In this workshop the process of academic writing is highlighted from the first idea through the structuring and formation of the text to its completion. The participants engage with the content related, formal and organisational aspects of writing and train their text competency with exercises. The following topics are covered:

  • Abstract, article, thesis: Text types and reasons for writing in academia
  • From idea to text: Topic selection, structure, argumentation
  • Rummaging, digging, serving it hot: Research strategies
  • Writing as a process: Utilising creative bursts – avoiding blocks
  • The eye reads too: Convention and form
  • Academic writing: My next steps

For application please use our online course registration up to 15 september. 

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Ing. Bartlett Warren-Kretzschmar

Date: 1 October (9am - 5pm) and 2 October 2019 (9am - 1 pm)

Location: Room 142, Wollweberstraße 1

Participants: 12

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