Improved Reading







The first day of the course teaches you how to eliminate the typical reading mistakes which most people have internalised and maintained since primary school: regression, reading word by word, complete mental hearing (subvocalisation).
On the second day you learn how to prepare the reading process efficiently and how to develop flexible reading strategies facilitating an individual approach to each text – taking into consideration its character, degree of difficulty and your reading goal.


  • efficient and flexible reading techniques
  • optimisation of the eye’s fixation processes
  • better motivation
  • memory strategies
  • optimisation of mental concentration
  • specific aspects of scientific reading material


Individual work and lectures. Many tests and exercises documenting and measuring exactly the individual learning progress.



Please register for the course via the online course registration by 27 July 2020.

ATTENTION: Due to Covid-19 this workshop might be changed to a online-seminar.


Trainer: Friedrich Hasse, M.A. Improved Reading licensee for Berlin/Eastern Germany since 2008
(E-Mail: trainingimproved-readingde)

Date and time: 5 and 6 August 2020 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Number of participants: max. 18

Venue: seminar room 1, Rubenowstrasse 2b


  • Graduiertenakademie

    Die Graduiertenakademie an der Universität Greifswald hat zum Ziel, Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftlern sehr gute Bedingungen für eine erfolgreiche Promotion und Postdoktorandenphase zu schaffen und sie zudem im Rahmen eines Qualifikationsprogrammes gezielt auf eine Karriere innerhalb und außerhalb der Wissenschaft vorzubereiten.

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