Improved Reading Science – schneller lesen, besser verstehen

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Course Content:
• physical training of eye movements
• connecting speed, mental focus and quality of reading
• active recognition of contextual cues
• flexible adaptation to different texts and objectives

Course aims:
• increased reading speed
• better text comprehension
• variation of different reading strategies
• improved memory retention
• better concentration & motivation
• efficient reading of scientific texts

Trainer: Friedrich Hasse, M.A., Improved Reading Trainer since 2003 in German and English, co-author of the best-selling book “Schneller lesen – besser verstehen” ("Read faster with better comprehension”, 100.000 sold copies since 2008). More information (in German): 

The workshop will be held in English – for all students/researchers who read many English texts on a regular base. Good/very good English reading (not necessarily speaking) proficiency is expected (approx. B2 English language level).

Bring your own text to the workshop and try out everything you learnt in the course to read and process it (final course exercise).

Trainer: Friedrich Hasse (
Dates: 27.08. & 28.08.2024
Format: In-person workshop, English
Available seats: max. 12

Please register for this workshop at least 14 days before the course starts via our online course registration.

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