Elena Seliverstova

 ES - photo credits: Elena Seliverstova

Studies in home country

Visual Journalism and Design (B.A.),  Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Activity in Greifswald

study programme and language course



October/2020 - August/2021


Why did I come to Greifswald?

"I had never been abroad before I came to Greifswald except for east Slavic countries. I dreamed to be an exchange student, but at the same time, I understood that it would be challenging for me. In my blog, I share how I deal with the obstacles of being a foreigner that have been more complicated in Covid time."

Why did I decide to stay in Greifswald in the second semester?

Kirschblüten - photo credtits: Elena Seliverstova
Kirschblüten - photo credtits: Elena Seliverstova
Dom - photo credtits: Elena Seliverstova
Gruppenbild - photo credtits: Elena Seliverstova

1. “Greifswald is so beautiful in summer”

When I shared my thoughts to stay here one semester more with my friends, they used to tell me, “It is a great idea because Greifswald is very beautiful in summer”. Even my teacher said that. It turned out to be true. There are a lot of flowering trees that I have not seen in Russia. Warm weather came very quickly. I began to walk twice as much. Furthermore, I am looking forward to swimming in the Baltic Sea. I live close to the sea and I imagine how I will enjoy it.


2. Lack of travel

My first semester came on the flowering of the pandemic and restrictions. I have visited only Rostock and some close villages. I hoped that the rules would be softer and I could make some trips inside and maybe outside Germany.


3. Improving languages

To be honest, the first months in Germany were stressful for me. The main reason was the language. Towards the end of the semester, I started to feel more confident in my study and in my daily routine. It could be too sad to finish my exchange at this moment.


4. International community

I still feel so happy when I came home after walking or dinner with people from different countries. Wow! I talked with French, American, British, Croatian, Indian, Georgian, Pakistan, Italy, and of course German people. My mind gets to expand and reach.


5. Financial support

I sincerely thank the University of Greifswald that I can receive a scholarship that covers all my expenses. In Russia, I have to work and study at the same time. In Greifswald, I can afford to focus only on study and self-development.