BUP Module Pool

The BUP Module Pool is a set of modules related to sustainability offered by universities of the Baltic University Programme (BUP)


Lucia Licero-Villanueva
Student Coordinator
Module Pool administration


Dr. Tiemo Timmermann
Project Coordinator BUP Module Pool
Sustainability Officer at the University of Greifswald

The BUP Module Pool is a set of modules related to sustainability offered to students in the Baltic Sea Region. The module pool offers an opportunity for exchange and joint learning across national borders. Working on and discussing current scientific, social and political issues thrives on the different points of view of the course participants. In the future, the diversity of the course offer will be extended. The diversity of different countries will be the basis for enhanced mutual understanding.

What are the characteristics of the courses?

All modules offered focus on different aspects of sustainability.

All modules are held online, in English and apply innovative teaching formats along the criteria of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Next to digitalized lectures and instructional videos, live online courses and flipped classrooms can be found. The courses are either creditable to the current study programme as a module equivalent, with a confirmation of participation or are awarded with the sustainability certificate (find informations about the sustainability certificate here soon).

Who can participate?

Bachelor's and master's students at participating universities (Updated list of BUP Participating Universities on the BUP web page) can join all courses. International students and Erasmus students are welcome to enrol.

Participating Universities