Discovery and Development of Antibiotics from (Myxo)bacterial Secondary Metabolites

Symbolbild Biochemie, Foto: Jan Meßerschmidt
Symbolbild Biochemie, Foto: Jan Meßerschmidt

Amongst the well-established bacterial producers myxobacteria have a great track record for the discovery of entirely new natural product scaffolds exhibiting promsing bioactivities. This is at least in part due to the fact that they have been much less studied in the past in comparison to other traditional sources such as actinomycetes and bacilli. Nevertheless, the issue of rediscovery is a major hurdle for myxobacterial extracts as well. I will disucss recent results from our efforts to culture previously uncultured myxobacteria and to connect phylogentically distant clades to novel metabolites by metabolome and genome mining. Examples of novel and genetically engineered natural products in preclinical development as broad spectrum antibiotics exhibiting novel mode of action(s) will be shown. In addition, I will show examples of heterologous expression of myxobacterial compounds yielding producer strains making production of lead compounds for pharmaceutical development feasible.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer

PD Dr. Heike Kahlert
Vorsitzende des Ortsverbandes der GDCh



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