Read fast and efficiently – Speed Reading

This training is based upon our regular 2 day classroom training, but specially designed for participants working in their home office:

  • Speed Reading Online Course including trainer accompaniment
    > Flexible times, to be finished within ca. 4 weeks, 10 units, max 1h per unit
  • Three webinars (2x 2h fixed dates; 1x 1h, to be agreed upon via Doodle poll) for direct group exchange and trainer support with special input on how to deal with scientific texts
  • Optionally you can refresh your skills with an online and classroom refresher training, both of which are free of charge
    > after finishing the course


Course aims:                       

  • Faster reading speed
  • Better text comprehension
  • Variation of different reading techniques and strategies
  • Better concentration and motivation
  • Special approaches towards scientific texts
  • Send your own scientific texts as examples for the webinars.


Please be aware that this online course requires a high degree of self-discipline – for you to finish the course entirely, carefully follow the instructions and participate in all three webinar sessions. Only under this condition can you expect a profound change of reading habits. This course is an additional challenge for non-English native speakers. Good/very good English reading (not necessarily speaking) proficiency is expected (approx. B2 English language level), also for the Speed Reading Online course in English.


Detailed information on the course concept (in German) see:


Please register for this workshop until 02 August 2021 via our Online-registration.


Trainer: Friedrich Hasse, M.A.

Date: 10 & 31 August 2021 + 1x1h appointment agreed upon via Doodle poll

Time: 10.30 am – 12.30 am

Format: Online-seminar

Course language: English


  • Graduiertenakademie

    Die Graduiertenakademie an der Universität Greifswald hat zum Ziel, Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftlern sehr gute Bedingungen für eine erfolgreiche Promotion und Postdoktorandenphase zu schaffen und sie zudem im Rahmen eines Qualifikationsprogrammes gezielt auf eine Karriere innerhalb und außerhalb der Wissenschaft vorzubereiten.

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