Remembering a pre-modern past in a modern world: Medieval saints and heroes as realms of memory in 19th and 20th Century Central, Eastern and Northern Europe

Symbolbild Universität Greifswald, ©Till-Junker, 2018

Medieval men and women became realms of memory (lieux de mémoire), symbolic reference figures in which fundamentally important images of local, ethnocultural and later national discourse were embodied, thanks to which the emergence of an ‘imagined community’ became possible. After the Second World War, many of the integrated figures of 19th century national romanticism lost their significance or became re-invented by religious or ethnic minorities, as symbols for rebellious groups or sub-cultures.

In the framework of this conference, we are interested in relevance/irrelevance of medieval historical figures and events for the 19th and early 20th century European societies and what impact the medieval individuals and events had on the formation of modern group identities.

The conference is organised by the project „Saints and Heroes“ of University of Greifswald and St. Petersburg State University. 

The project is financed by the DFG and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF).

Register until 15 October by sending an email: gustavs.strengauni-greifswaldde


  • University of Greifswald and St. Petersburg State University


  • Online

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