Roundtable: Irreversible Actions in Politics (Dr. Andris Banka, Prof. Dr. Roman Dubasevych, Natalia Iost)

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The Baltic Sea Region is an area where changes mostly occur within a set of intertwining transregional parameters. By focusing on the aftereffects of transformations, the roundtable – as part of the joint lecture series “Irreversible – The Manifestations of Change” – inquires about irreversible actions in politics: processes that lack the chance of a turn-around. In literary theory, the term ‘peripety’ signifies a reversal of action: How do (political) narrations model and maybe alter the irreversible? How do geopolitical tipping points affect subsequent generations?

Organisation and moderation
Verena Liu, Arne Segelke, Torsten Veit, Alexander Waszynski

Programme (PDF)

The lecture will take place as a hybrid event. 
Please observe the current hygiene instructions (3G regulations) when attending on site. The maximum number of people present in the lecture hall is 39.
If you want to follow the lecture online via Zoom, please contact us at baltic-peripetiesuni-greifswaldde.

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  • Joint Lecture Series IRTG "Baltic Peripeties. Narratives of Reformations, Revolutions and Catastrophes", Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO), MA History and Culture of the Baltic Sea Region (HiCuBaS), Herrenhauszentrum (HHZ)


  • Altes Audimax, Hörsaal 2
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