Working with Bash and Computing Servers

For Unix-like operating systems like Linux or MacOS, one of the most widely used shells is Bash. Knowing how to utilize Bash is crucial when working with command line tools or on remote computing servers without a graphical interface.

Git is a widely used version control system for project files. It makes collaborative, distributed work on the same project easy and takes care of tracking changes and synchronizing progress across different locations. Understanding the basic concepts and commands makes it easy to maintain own project files, locally and on multiple computers, and start collaborating with others.

Slurm is a workload manager that takes care of distributing computation resources on a computing cluster to many users. For computing tasks that require more hardware than a normal PC can offer, users with access to such a cluster need to know how to use Slurm in order to get the jobs done.


In this course, you will learn about all three aforementioned topics.

  • navigating and manipulating the filesystem in Bash
  • piping, simple bash scripts, useful command line tools
  • git basics
  • working on remote computing servers and writing Slurm scripts


No prior knowledge or experience with Bash or other shells is needed. There is no need to install additional software on your PC for this course. The course language will be English.


You will need an account at University of Greifswald and access to the Brain cluster


online course registration  Moodle-course
Please register for the course via the online course registration by 08. August 2022.

This course is part of the Data Competency Project of the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science and the Institute for Pharmacy ( This project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


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Please note that a university account at University of Greifswald is required for using the University’s JupyterHub (e.g. a student, employee or guest account).


Trainer: Matthis Ebel (matthis.ebeluni-greifswaldde)

Date and time: 15th August - 18th August 2022 I 09.00 am  - 01.00 pm

Number of participants: max. 35

Course language: english

Format: online course

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