Nordischer Klang as a Digital Festival

A colourful programme with this year’s artists will be uploaded to the festival’s homepage and social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify) in accordance with the original programme. Many of the musicians will record exclusive concert videos, which will then première on the festival’s YouTube channel at the time that was originally scheduled prior to the coronavirus outbreak. Other artists will address the audience directly in personal video clips. Interviews and pictures of the venues invite you to take a look behind the scenes. Poetry, photo slideshows, cinema trailers, a podcast, a local radio DJ night, and Nordic cooking recipes are all part of the wide range of offers at this year’s digital Nordischer Klang.

The Afro-Cuban singer and guitarist Rosa Cruz already took to the digital stage on 1 May and spread Caribbean joie de vivre with her band from Estonia. The original plan was to have the band perform on the market square and at St. Spititus as part of Greifswald’s Kulturfest to get the public in the mood for the upcoming festival. Many well known music acts, who had agreed to participate in the core programme from 8 May are now contributing concert videos to the digital festival. The programme’s full range can now be experienced free of charge on the internet. And those who have not been able to get to know Greifswald's Northern European festival so far, now have the opportunity to become new fans.

In Iceland, singer/songwriter Myrra Rós and her band play pleasant, melancholic songs in their concert video. Ida Hvid from this year’s partner country Denmark, teases racing swing runs from her double bass. Festive piano music comes from Esa Ylönen from Kotka in Finland. Greifswald's Norwegian partner town Hamar contributes with the folk singer Camilla Granlien, who will present traditional Lied genres. Fellow Norwegian bands Mall Girl and Isák participate as two of Norway‘s most popular newcomer bands. Ugandan-Swedish singer Jaqee is an expressive and highly respected R&B artist. Jazz singer Karmen Rõivassepp and the highly energetic funk band Lexsoul Dancemachine are both from Estonia and offer thrilling music experiences from Europe's northern regions.



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