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International Stats

The number of international students at the University of Greifswald has increased by more than 20 % since winter semester 2010/11.

International Office
Domstraße 8
17489 Greifswald
Tel: +49 3834 420 1116

There are currently 744 international students at the university. Most of our international students are from the Syrian Arab Republic and from Poland. The following spreadsheet shows the home countries of all our international students:

>100 Degree Courses on Offer

Our international students are enrolled in 36 different subjects and study at all of our five faculties. The pie chart displays how many students study at each of the faculties.

Top Five Fields of Study

Medicine 112 Students
Dentistry 112 Students
Pharmacy 52 Students
Biology 43 Students
Biochemistry 41 Students

This spreadsheet displays the degree courses studied by our international students:

The three most popular types of degree are Staatsexamen (State Examination), master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Exchange Programmes

26 University partnerships
278 Erasmus partnerships:
590 Places in 36 countries

The University of Greifswald has signed agreements with universities all over the world; new partnerships are signed on a regular basis.