In Case of Illness

What does a student have to do, if he cannot take an examination or is forced to leave the examination due to illness?  Then, in accordance with the examination regulations, s/he has to inform the Central Examination Office of the illness immediately, i.e. as quickly as possible and to provide proof.

For this, s/he will need a doctor’s or a medical officer’s certificate (if and when you need a medical officer’s certificate, is stipulated in the examination regulations under “Unexcused Absence, Withdrawal, Cheating, Violation of Regulations”), which, with help from the details made by the doctor, will make it possible for the Central Examination Office to decide whether the candidate is unable to take the examination. Answering the legal question as to whether the proven health impediment can justify leaving the examination or withdrawing from the examination, is not the doctor’s responsibility; this will be decided finally and independently by the examining authorities. It is neither sufficient, nor permissible to certify that the candidate has an “inability to take the examination”. 

The Students’ Duty of Cooperation

Due to their duty of cooperation, students must disclose the symptoms which have lead to their inability to take the examination immediately, i.e. without culpable delay; and to release the attending doctor of his/her medical confidentiality, where necessary.  This does not mean that the doctor has to disclose the diagnosis, but only the bodily or mental effects caused by the illness. 

Information on the Presentation of a Medical Officer’s Certificate

Before the student makes an appointment with the reception of the Office for Public Health and Social Affairs, s/he should visit his/her General Practitioner (GP). The students can only make an appointment with the medical officer on the day of the examination if they can present a doctor’s note from their GP.

The medical officer’s certificate is subject to a fee (Greifswald: € 26). It can usually be issued by any medical officer in Germany. Please take note of specific state regulations (e.g. in Hamburg); the fees can also vary.

Download for the Doctor’s Certificate

For further questions regarding this matter, please contact the staff of the Central Examinations Office.

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If you would like an appointment outside of the office hours, please make prior arrangements by telephone.

Download for the Doctor's Certificate