Getting to Know the University

Getting to Know the University

Freshers' Week from 5 – 10 October 2020

You’re a fresher – and now what? During the Freshers' Week you will learn how to organise your studies, create your timetable and register for courses. It provides all the information you require for a successful start to your studies in Greifswald. There is no fee for taking part in the Freshers' Week, so make use of this offer. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the events will be announced by the subject areas at very short notice. Please make sure you also keep a close eye on the departments' websites.

Introductions to your Degree Courses and Subject Areas [de]

The subject areas hold a large number of introductory sessions to provide new students with all of the information they require at the start of their studies. Click here to find the various dates and times of the introductory sessions that are presented on the German website.

Programme of the Student’s Union (AStA)

Freshers' Week, run by the Students' Union (AStA), is the main programme of social activities during the arrival and welcome period. Fresher’s Week will help you make friends and adapt to your new surroundings. Lots of introductory lectures as well as a diverse cultural programme are planned. Due to the delayed application periods for certain degree courses, this year will see two Freshers' Weeks: from 05/10 to 12/10/2020; and for all degree courses starting in November, from 26/10 to 01/11/2020.

The programme from the Student's Union (AStA) [de]