Studying in Greifswald - Photo: Lukas Voigt, 2021

Getting to Know the University

Freshers' Week from 4 – 9 October 2021

You’re a fresher – and now what? During the Freshers' Week you will learn how to organise your studies, create your timetable and register for courses. It provides all the information you require for a successful start to your studies in Greifswald. There is no fee for taking part in the Freshers' Week, so make use of this offer. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the events will be announced by the subject areas at very short notice. Please make sure you also keep a close eye on the departments' websites.

Academic Counselling and Course Enquiries
Rubenowstraße 2
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1293

Information Events for International Students

Events for all Students
Welcome event
International Office
Thursday, 30.09.2021 4:00 p.m.
Guest access: #Welcome1
Lokale Erasmus Inititative Greifswald (LEI)
Tuesday, 05.10.2021 8:00 p.m. Mensaclub
Am Schießwall 1-4

Information Events for International Master Students

Earth Science (Master)
Monday, 11/10/2021 9.00 a.m. Institute for Geography/Geology
Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 17a, Room K II Geology
Online if necessary
Landscape Ecology & Nature Conservation (Master)
Thursday, 07/10/2021 2.00 p.m. New Audimax, Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 6, Lecture hall 3/4
Biodiversity, Ecology & Evolution (Master)
Monday, 11/10/2021 2.00 p.m. Former women's clinic, Wollweberstraße 1, Lecture hall

For all other degree courses, please visit the German page here [de]

Programme of the Student’s Union (AStA)

Freshers' Week, run by the Students' Union (AStA), is the main programme of social activities during the arrival and welcome period. Fresher’s Week will help you make friends and adapt to your new surroundings. Lots of introductory lectures as well as a diverse cultural programme are planned.

The programme from the Student's Union (AStA) [de]

On-Site Teaching to Return in Winter Semester

Teaching at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s universities in winter semester 2021/22 will commence on site. Science Minister, Bettina Martin, has brought in a corresponding ordinance.

‘After three digital semesters, this year’s winter semester must predominantly take place on site. Many students, especially those at the start of their studies, have hardly seen the inside of their universities so far. They have also done without several important social aspects of student life. It is extremely important that studies can now, once again, take place on site, not only for all students, but also for teaching staff. I am therefore delighted that the leaders of the universities and student bodies agree that winter semester 2021/22 is to be organised as a semester of on-site teaching,’ said Martin.

In order to guarantee protection against infection, provision of on-site teaching is subject to the ‘vaccinated - recovered - tested’ principle. By observing this requirement, universities will be able to deviate from the minimum distance of 1.5 m, e.g. by adopting so-called chequerboard seating. Face coverings will continue to be obligatory in all of the universities’ buildings.

‘I am very pleased that we will be able to provide on-site teaching in the winter semester, because we would all like to see the return of our students to the lecture halls and seminar rooms. We would like to see the resurrection of the closeness and solidarity that play a vital role in making our university the tight-knit community that it is. This means that we would like to provide as much on-site teaching as possible. These desires are among the reasons why we have chosen to start our own vaccination motivation campaign,’ explains the Rector of the University of Greifswald, Prof. Dr. Katharina Riedel.

This news article is an excerpt and translation of the press release from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of 12 August 2021.

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Press and Public Relations
19048 Schwerin
Tel.: +49 385 588 7003


This page provides the Rectorate’s answers to your questions regarding measures that have been introduced at the University of Greifswald during the COVID-19 pandemic.