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Erasmus+ & University Exchanges

If you are interested in coming to the University of Greifswald as an exchange student, this page will provide you with information about the requirements, the application process, studying in Greifswald and tips for preparing your stay in Greifswald.

You can contact the International Office’s members of staff at any time. Feel free to contact us with any questions ranging from enrolment, to health insurance, visas and life in Greifswald.

Academic calendar

Summer semester 2024

Semester period 01.04.2024 - 30.09.2024
Welcome day 15.03.2024
Intensive language course 18.03.2024 - 28.03.2024
First semester week 02.04.2024 - 06.04.2024
Teaching period 08.04.2024 - 20.07.2024
Exam registration 26.04.2024 - 30.05.2024
Project and excursion week 21.05.2024 - 25.05.2024
Winter semester 2024/25
Semester 01.10.2024 - 31.03.2025
Welcome day 20.09.2024
Intensive language course 23.09.2024 - 04.10.2024
Freshers' week 07.10.2024 - 12.10.2024
Teaching period 14.10.2024 - 01.02.2025
Exam registration NN.11.2024 - NN.12.2024
Lecture-free days 21.12.2024 - 05.01.2025
Exam period NN.01.2025 - 28.02.2025
Public holidays 03.10.2024 (Day of German Unity), 31.10.2024 (Reformation Day), 25.12.2024 (1st Day of Christmas), 26.12.2024 (2nd Day of Christmas), 01.01.2025 (New Year's Day), 08.03.2025 (International Women's Day)


Exchange students can study in Greifswald for either one or two semesters. There are no study fees for studying in Greifswald, but you will have to pay a semester fee.

Please contact the International Office at your home university first. If there is a partnership agreement between the universities, please take note of the following:

Language requirements

All subjects require German language proficiency of at least B1 level. Language Certificates from the Internet will not be accepted.

Medicine: German language proficiency of at least B2 level;
English and American Studies: English language proficiency of at least B2 level (language Certificates from the Internet will not be accepted), German language skills are recommended

Information on exchanges for students studying medicine

Applications can only be made for the second part of the degree (first clinical year = fifth semester). Furthermore, applications are only possible for a start in winter semester and for a full year. 

Application Procedure

Please take note of the respective application deadlines:
31 May for a period of stay starting in winter semester (1 October to 31 March)
30 November for a period of stay starting in summer semester (1 April to 30 September).

1. Nomination

First of all, your home university has to nominate you to us. Nominations must be made via email by the 15 May (winter semester) or the 15 November (summer semester). Once you have been nominated, the process continues as follows. We will also send you all of this information via email.

2. Online Application

After you have been nominated, you apply online to the University of Greifswald. To do so, you will need to register on the online application portalPlease note: Does not work in Internet Explorer!

This is where you will find the corresponding online forms for programme students. Once you have filled in and submitted the form, your application for a study place is complete. Scans of the following documents must be included in your online application:

International Office
Britt Schumacher
Domstraße 8
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1164

Handbook für Austauschstudierende

Handbook for exchange students

All information about the exchange programme at a view.

The fact sheet for the academic year 2024/25 can be found here.



Your courses

Once you have been admitted, you can put together your study plan. You can find information on the course catalogue and Learning Agreement here. The deadlines for submission by e-mail are:

31 August (for the winter semester or academic year)
28 February (for the summer semester)

For Medicine: 01 August (for the winter semester or academic year)

Learning Agreement

You can use the University of Greifswald’s online lecture timetable to create the Learning Agreement and to find out more about courses. Use the instructions to find the right courses. Discuss your choice of courses and the recognition of the courses with your lecturers at your home university before you leave. If necessary, changes can be made up to four weeks after the start of teaching. 

The exchange coordinators will support you during your exchange. They are your contact persons for all academic matters, such as signing the Learning Agreement.
Here you can find a list of all subject coordinators at the University of Greifswald. To make an appointment, please send an e-mail directly to the subject coordinator responsible for you.

Students in the Erasmus+ programme create a digital Erasmus Learning Agreement. If your university is not connected to the Erasmus Without Paper Network (EWP), please use the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement. If you are completing your stay via our worldwide exchange programme, please use the University Exchange Learning Agreement.

In addition, we need a current overview of your previous achievements (Transcript of Records) at your home university.

Course Registration

The self-service portal (HIS) is the portal for creating your individual study plan. Here you will find the current course offerings: > Courses > Course catalog

Select your courses and register for them. Always register, even if a course is already full! Your subject coordinators can add you to the course so that your place is guaranteed. Moodle is an online learning platform that gives you access to your course documents (scripts, texts, etc.). To do this, you must register for the respective courses, for which a password is sometimes required. You will receive the password from your lecturer. You can also access HIS and Moodle with your log-in data.

Important: Some subjects (e.g. medicine) use systems other than HIS and Moodle. Information on this can be obtained from your student council.

Conclusion of your stay

In order to have your achievements recognized at your home university, you must not forget to obtain the following documents:

Transcript of Records

The Central Examination Office (ZPA) issues the Transcript of Records, which certifies your academic achievements at the University of Greifswald. The International Office will send a copy directly to you by email and the original to your home university. If you have not received the Transcript of Records six weeks after your last examination, please contact the ZPA. If the Examinations Office has not yet received all your examination results, please ask the lecturers responsible.

Confirmation of Stay

Shortly before your departure from Greifswald, you will receive a Confirmation of Stay from the International Office confirming the actual duration of your stay at the University of Greifswald for your home university. You can pick this up one to two weeks before your departure.

Sharice Marie Sylvia Benson Molgat

"Shortly after my return, I was ready for my next adventure. I heard about the Erasmus+ scholarship you can get at the University of Greifswald and started learning German to qualify for it. Time flew by and before I knew it I was already studying in Germany. This experience showed me that life is full of surprises. I could never have imagined living in Germany and speaking German one day." (Sharice Marie Sylvia Benson Molgat, Canada)