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Welcome to the Graduate Academy at the University of Greifswald

The Graduate Academy at the University of Greifswald supports junior researchers across the various phases of their doctoral research and postdoctoral phases and also prepares them for academic and non-academic careers by offering a specific qualification programme.

Pauline Glawe
(Parental leave replacement)
Graduate Academy
Domstraße 14, Room E13/E14
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420-1618

Following office hours apply:
currently only at appointment upon request.

We take part in:


Academia and Freedom

Academic Career Day for Future Doctoral Students, Doctoral Students and Postdocs at the University of Greifswald

 8th November 2017 at Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg (Institute of Advanced Studies) Kolleg Greifswald

Topics and key subjects of the workshops, presentations and forums: 

  • What is academia and how much freedom does it require?
  • How can I finance my research (doctorate and Co.)?
  • The path from finding a topic to writing a dissertation
  • Academic careers and alternative career models outside of academia

Also, poster competition “The Topic of my Doctorate” and exhibition of the results “Academia and Freedom” (in cooperation with CDFI) 

Invitation to meet other international researchers...

and their partners at the International Stammtisch on Friday, 22 nd September 2017 at 20:00 at the “Fritz Braugasthaus” next to the Market Square in Greifswald. A registration is not necessary, just come by!

Any questions should be directed to Imme Burkart-Jürgens at the Welcome Centre Greifswald welcome(at)uni-greifswald(dot)de

University of Greifswald Honoured by the European Commission for Very Good Working Conditions for Research

By awarding the quality seal “HR Excellence in Research”, the European Commission has honoured the University of Greifswald’s attempts to offer researchers good working conditions and a stimulating work environment. By making this award, the Commission confirms that the University fulfils international standards when it comes to the recruitment procedure, working conditions and social security, as well as the training of young researchers. These standards have been set out in the European Charta for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers. more...

day trip to the 33rd deGUT in Berlin

in association with the Technology Centre Vorpommern (TZV), the Centre for Research Suppport and Transfer (ZFF) is organizing a day trip to the 33rd deGUT in Berlin.

deGUT is the largest trade fair for start-ups and entrepreneurship in Germany. To learn more about the aims of deGUT and about this year’s events please look at the English language flyer. Detailed information about the programme and which events will be in English can be found at

On the 13th October a free bus will bring people taking part in the excursion to Berlin. If you would like to visit the deGUT with us, please contact Stefan Moeser to reserve your place:

Stefan Moeser
+49 3834 420 1240

Scholarships & Prizes

Most students, doctoral students and postdocs are aware of how important scholarships and fellowships of any kind are for their own research work. We often receive information about funding possibilities or competitions via email and we would now like to share this knowledge with our members and all those interested.

We would be very grateful for any further information about any other competitions and would add these to our list.

Further Information on funding possibilities can be obtained from the Research Support Centre.


Networking is becoming more and more important for the academic world and thus it's important to take part in conferences and symposiums. These are the only events at which you will find such a high concentration of expert knowledge.

Please notify us about upcoming conferences, we will add these to our list.