Joshua Tree Nationalpark California – Photo:  Ulrike Rust

Study Abroad

A period of study abroad can be one of the most influential experiences of your life. Exchange programmes make it possible for you to study at one of our numerous partner universities for one or two semesters. The University of Greifswald’s programmes make it possible for you to complete one or two exchange semesters, e.g. via Erasmus+ or university exchange agreements.


Remaining Places Erasmus+ and University Exchange

Apply by 20.6.2024 for remaining places for a semester abroad in the summer semester 2025.

For Erasmus remaining places, please apply to your departmental coordinator. For places of our university partnersip, please apply via this link.

All places can be found in the Call for Applications [de].


Testimonial Alexander Seliger

"I am lucky to have received the opportunity to gain so many different experiences, to get to know and build friendships with people from all over the world, to gain a unique insight into the Norwegian culture and the university system, and to learn so many things, [...] to take part in the brilliant Erasmus events, to experience the endless extent of the forest, and lots more."
(Alexander, Erasmus+ semester in Norway)

He and other outgoers talk about their experiences abroad in our blog Greifswald goes International [de] and in our Podcast [de].