Electronic Reasearch Funding Information System - ELFI

ELFI contains research funding information from several national and international organisations and foundations. With a special software ELFI observes about 40.000 relevant documents, so the content is always updated. 

ELFI offers you:

  • over 12.000 research programs and 5.200 national and international funding organisations 
  • deadlines of the calls
  • adresses of the contact persons
  • choice of particular funding types
  • individual query profiles for different research interests

Under the folllowing link you can access the english version of ELFI: ELFI access

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Funding Portals

This is an overview of regional, national and international institutions that provide support and information for academics and scientists.

Research Support in the EU

Research Support in the EU

Information and Advice Regarding Research Support in the EU

European Funding Portals



Private Foundations

  • Deutsche Telekom Stiftung
    Focuses nationally on improving developments in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), funding equally both basic and groundbreaking research.



Supporting of Cooperation between Business and Science

Supporting of Cooperation between Business and Science


Special Information for Start-Ups

Special Information for Start-Ups

The Centre for Research Support investigates the possibility of financing your research ideas for you and offers support during the application process.

Current Calls for Proposals and Relevant Information Events

In order to provide a clear overview, these have been subdivided into target categories:


Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Arts and Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary / All Subject Disciplines

Early Career Researchers

Teaching Activities

Following the links will take you to the German pages, where you will also find information in English for many calls. Information on federal funding calls is only available in German, as the ministries do not provide English versions and applications must generally be submitted in German.


Contact Information

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Maria Moynihan

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