University’s Own Calls for Proposals / Start-Up Funding

The Rectorate strongly supports the acquisition of research projects.  The main aim is to support the acquisition of large joint projects and the establishment and strengthening of key fields of research. Furthermore, junior research staff can receive support at the start of their own academic careers. The Rectorate is committed to making the research results generated at the University of Greifswald accessible to a broad public. In order to attain these goals, the University of Greifswald provides funds, which can be applied for via the following programmes:

Information on the University’s Own Calls for Proposals and Start-Up Funding Programmes

ERC Grants

The objective of the start-up funding is providing financial support during the acquisition phase of high-ranking ERC grants at all levels (starting, consolidator, advanced, synergy). The start-up funding is pro-vided for preparing grant applications.

Collaborative Research Projects

The objective of the start-up funding is to provide financial support during the acquisition phase for col-laborative research projects funded by the DFG (e.g. research training groups, research groups, CRC/TR) or equivalent collaborative projects, funded by the State, the national Government, the EU or foundations. Whichever kind of project, the University of Greifswald must adopt the role of project speaker (role of location speaker in Transregio projects) or the function of project coordinator. The start-up funding is provided for preparing applications - including pre-applications in two-stage procedures - or for preparing extension requests.

Start-Up Funding for Junior Research Staff

The objective of the start-up funding is to support junior researchers following the completion of their doctorate, taking into account the special situation of early-career researchers and supporting their aca-demic careers. The start-up funding serves to support early-career researchers with grant applications for programmes that are particularly relevant for their stage of career (in particular first applications for re-search grants, own positions and research fellowships from the DFG; the DFG’s Emmy Noether and Heisenberg Programme; the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship; research programmes for postdocs provided by foundations; the EU Commission’s Marie Sklodowska Curie Programme).

Open Call for Proposals Start-up Funding for Externally Funded Projects

The goal of the start-up funding is to fund exceptional project ideas that not only acquire externally-funded projects, but also provide special additional benefits to the University of Greifswald. Special additional benefits can include the initiation of interdisciplinary collaboration or international partnerships, distinct visibility in the scientific community or in the general public. The University of Greifswald shall provide an annual budget of € 60,000 for these purposes. There will be two deadlines each year for the submission of applications. A maximum of € 30,000 will be allocated at each of the dates and might have to be split across several projects that are eligible for funding.

Open Access Publication Fund

The University of Greifswald would like to increase the scientists’ willingness to publish their research results in real, ‘gold’ open access media. The Open Access Publication Fund supports the publication of original scientific articles in quality-assured, real Open Access journals, by covering the publication costs (APC).

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Käthe Kluth Junior Research Programme

The University of Greifswald would like to support female junior researchers in the postdoctoral phase with outstanding qualifications, with the start of their academic careers. That’s why it offers places in the Käthe Kluth Junior Research Programme every 18 months.

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Mentoring Programme

The University of Greifswald has set itself the goal of increasing the numbers of women in academic positions, especially when appointing professorships and in areas in which women are underrepresented. The Mentoring Programme for women at the University of Greifswald is meant to support highly qualified female junior researchers, who are striving for positions as professors or other managerial jobs in the academic world or industry.

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Travel Allowances for Early-Career Researchers

Supporting early-career researchers is a central goal of the University of Greifswald. This funding programme takes the special situation of doctoral candidates and postdocs into account. The aim of the financial support is to foster academic exchange and to enable the presentation of research results.


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