What Will My Degree Cost?

According to the social survey of the Deutsches Studierendenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs), in 2016 the average national monthly expenses for a “focus group” student amounted to approx. 819 euros. The “focus group” is comprised of non-married students, who are living alone and doing a full-time degree, who have not yet obtained a master’s degree (or similar). Although the conditions in the federal states that belonged to the former GDR have now generally been aligned with those found in former West Germany, students living in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern still had less expenses: a student spent approximately 766 euros here.

The monthly expenses are the total amount of regular expenses for covering living costs. The following costs were included:

  • rent (including related costs);
  • food and drink;
  • clothes;
  • study materials;
  • travel costs (e.g. to parents’ home address and within university town);
  • health insurance, doctors’ fees, medication;
  • telephone, internet, radio and television licence;
  • leisure, culture and sport.

Thus, the monthly expenses do not only include the expenses that are essential for covering living costs, but also the costs that belong to life in a university town (leisure & sports activities, cultural life).

The amount of expenses for study materials varied considerably. Roughly a third of students indicated that they spent less than 10 euros per month, whilst almost 5 % paid amounts of over 100 euros per month. The differences are partly caused by the fact that the expenses differ depending on the subject of the degree. For example, with more than 50 euros per month, students studying art, theology or medicine spent the most on study materials.

Also the travel costs showed significant differences: Those using their own cars travelled more expensively (112 euros) than those who used public transport (43 euros). 

The Semester Fee is not a Tuition Fee

A semester fee is due in Greifswald on enrolment (€ 124.00) or on re-registration (€ 98.00), at the beginning of the semester.

The semester fee is currently made up of:

  • Fee for the Student Body: € 11.00
  • Fee for the Student Services: € 83.00
  • Re-Registration Fee: € 4.00 (or Enrolment Fee of € 30.00 for freshers)

Payment of the semester fee entitles students, for example, to eating cheaply in the Mensa (cafeteria) and supports the student body, which represents the interests of the students towards the University governance. In fact, after paying your semester fee, you save more than you actually paid.