Events at the University

As part of the academic life at the University of Greifswald, traditionally, there are two large ceremonies every year for awarding academic degrees. The Habilitation and PhD certificates are festively handed over in the historical baroque Aula. Once a year, the Society of Friends and Supporters of the University of Greifswald honours four junior researchers for their dissertations.

The University’s event calendar is always filled with academic events and symposiums. Academics from all over the world come to Greifswald for conferences, in particular during the non-teaching periods of the year.
However, the University of Greifswald’s researchers don’t just discuss matters with their subject colleagues. They also like to present their work and research results to a broad public. There is a regular “Science Day” on which the doors of the lecture halls and laboratories are open to young and old. Apart from that, there are two traditional and popular series of lectures that are organised jointly by town partners - the Family University and the University in the Town Hall.

In order to introduce youngsters to academic education from a young age onwards, the Child and Youth
University and University Information Days are organised on an annual basis.


Spikeball, ©


Der Hochschulsport lädt euch ein, in die Wiedereröffnung des Präsenzsports mit einem kleinen Fun-Turnier zu starten. Ohne Druck und ohne Vorerfahrung, aber mit Spaß an der Bewegung und Begegnung.…

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Symbolbild Mathematik, ©Kilian-Dorner

Vorbereitungskurs Mathematik

Dieser Vorkurs ist für Studienanfängerinnen und Studienanfänger in den Studiengängen Mathematik und Physik (einschließlich Lehramt) vorgesehen.

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