Greifswald - a Hanseatic and University Town

Cistercian monks began to settle in what later became Eldena around 1200 and founded an abbey. Approximately 40 years later, the Prince of Rügen Vitslav I and Duke of Pomerania-Demmin Wartislaw III grant permission to hold a weekly market. This was the foundation that later led to the establishment of the town of Greifswald.

In addition to being a member of the Hanseatic League, an important factor in the development of the town was the founding of the University in 1456. Greifswald has now evolved into a nationally and internationally recognised location for science, technology and research. Innovative companies are setting up in Greifswald and using the synergy effects provided by the university’s institutions and other research institutes. Students not only have excellent opportunities for internships, but also for putting business ideas into action.