Sport und Maritime Events

With the Bodden on the doorstep and large stretches of flat land, Greifswald and its surroundings offer perfect conditions for athletes. The area around the university and Hanseatic town is characterised by its proximity to the water and many forests and meadows that invite inhabitants and visitors to outdoor activities in summer. In the winter, swimming pools, numerous sports and fitness centres and dance studios are open.

Be Active in the University and Hanseatic Town

Besides endurance athletes such as walkers, joggers and cyclists, it is especially water sports enthusiasts who find themselves at home: Greifswald’s excellent location on the Danish Wiek offers ideal conditions for sailing, surfing, swimming and diving in the summer. However, in winter there’s also a lot going on too: Swimming pools, sport and fitness centres and dance studios ensure that those interested in sports are never bored. For University students and employees, the University Sports Centre also offers courses in addition to the associations and other sport programmes. The courses range from Aikido and football to yoga and zumba.

CityLauf and the Dragon Boat Race

In 2006, the first Greifswald Citylauf was organised by a local group of runners. Now, more than a thousand runners come to this race every year at the beginning of May. The main race covers a distance of 10 kilometres. Beforehand, there is a run for schools as well as a relay race, which now sees approximately 100 mixed relay teams from companies, institutions and mixed relay teams taking part.

The dragon boat race takes place every year in Greifswald. Over 30 teams struggle for victory on the Ryck! In this competition, the spectators are just as enthusiastic as the competitors!

Fishing Festival Gaffelrigg

Another summer highlight is the Fishing Festival Gaffelrigg [de], the largest maritime folk festival in the region. 50 historical ships are led out to the Baltic Sea by the training sailing ship GREIF. Whether you’re interested in sport or not - a ride on one of the sailing ships is an absolutely one-of- a-kind experience. Water athletes are also not overlooked on this weekend - they can demonstrate their talent in open water swimming and cutter sailing.