Former members of the University have a special bond with the University of Greifswald and vice versa, the University of Greifswald sees in its alumni a treasure trove of experience, research fundamentals and dedicated teaching and learning that has left its mark on the University’s history and shaped the face of the University.

Many graduates maintain a close connection to the University, fellow students and the town for several years. Over the years, lots of departmental alumni groups have been created that keep in regular contact with their alumni.

Alumni at the University of Greifswald

University Communications in the University Main Building centrally coordinates the University’s alumni work.
It provides current information about the University, events and calls for proposals.

Find details below of how you can provide the University of Greifswald with your contact details for the alumni database. Please print out the form, sign it and send it back by post or fax. 
After doing so you will receive regular information about your Alma Mater.  Entry to the database is free. If you have any queries or would like to be deleted from the database, please contact University Communications.

Did you know

  • about alumni groups at the University of Greifswald?
  • Would you like to tell us about your career in our University Magazine Campus1456 [de]?
  • Are you planning an alumni event?

Then please get in contact with University Communcations.

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Domstraße 11, Entrance 1
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Tel.: +49 3834 420 1150
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