Five Reasons Why You Should Come to Greifswald



Short Periods in Greifswald

"As a Biologist, I was always fascinated about the nature and the complex interactions of the ecosystems since I grow up in Colombia: a wonderful place where nature is the main character. On the other hand, I was very curious to experience the other face of nature in the temperate regions, to face the different seasons, colors, landscapes, culture and experience this by myself. For that reason, I decided to come to Germany and specifically to Greifswald. In my eyes, a cool place to start the adventure in Europe and continue building my carrier in the natural sciences."
(Oriana Sánchez, study programme in Greifswald: Master of Science Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (LENC), studies in home country: Biology (B.Sc.), University of Tolima, Ibagué, Colombia)