Central Translation Office

An agreement between the University of Greifswald and the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (MBWK) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has led to the creation of a new Central Translation Office for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s universities (excluding the University of Rostock) and the MBWK. The agreement aims to support the welcoming culture of the universities.

Over the course of the two-year project, translations will be completed for the University of Greifswald, the Hochschule Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, Hochschule Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences and the Rostock University of Music and Drama. According to the agreement, the translations should “help to intensify and improve the international presence of the State’s universities and the Ministry of Education”.

The Central Translation Office will realise various tasks that address translation and internationalisation at the universities. These include the translation of administration documents and university websites and the creation and continued development of term bases. 

Further information about the previous tasks of the University of Greifswald’s Translation Coordinator can be found here. However, the reference works are only available for members of the University of Greifswald.

Please contact the Central Translation Office if you have any questions or suggestions.

Christopher Gray
Domstraße 11, Eingang 1
17489 Greifswald
Telefon +49 3834 420 1173